Meet Kelly

I married young, yet wake up every day more in love than the day I said, “I do.” I attribute this not to my great taste or his noble character, but to the grace of God who has woven Himself into the very fiber of our relationship.

He’s 6’5”; I’m 5’1”. I had to stand on a stool the day I married this man. All three of my kids have his eyes and two inherited his height, as well. There is no doubt they will outgrow me before they finish elementary school. I live with short jokes. On a daily basis. Sometimes, I even laugh because my husband is hilarious. He keeps me grounded and calls me out when I start to take myself too seriously.

A girl like me needs a guy like him.

I am crazy about my kids. Walking through years of infertility and loss have shaped my parenting perspective. Before they breathed their first breath I knew they were His. Always were and always will be.  It takes a ton of pressure off me as their momma. I believe the most important thing I can pass down to my children is the desire to know, love and serve Jesus.

Photo by A & A Newborn Photography

Photo by A & A Newborn Photography

Photo by A & A Newborn Photography

Photo by A & A Newborn Photography

My family calls me a truth teller. I realize I may have just scared you off. I hope not, because I like you already. (See? I can’t help it. I tell the truth.)  I love mint Oreos, strong coffee and the smell of freshly cut grass. I love how candid photography can explain more than a conversation. And I love old fashioned books—you know, the kind with pages that turn.

I’m also a story teller. I love story. Tell me yours; I’ll tell you mine. Story connects our hearts and intricately weaves our lives together. I am passionate about applying God’s truth to every nook and cranny of every season so that as we experience more of God’s love, the better we get to know who He is.

My deep desire is to see our stories, marked with grace and redemption, point others to the love story He wrote before time began. After all, my story is really God’s story. So is yours.

I’m so glad you’re here.




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